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January 23, 2018



PZ Myers instigated the whole storm. Later in the same speech, pinker adds a little nuance to each of his points — for example, you need to account for poverty when discussing ethnicity and crime. Myers leaves this out.


A big part of the problem is that too many people don't get statistics. A particular race might produce more people with particular good or bad characteristic than other races, but the vast majority of that race are just like you and me!

Richard Powell

It's striking how many Guardian articles get demolished below the line these days. For example, the most popular comment in response to Afua Hirsch's article today recounting her long martyrdom - 'I've had enough of white people who try to deny my experience' - is: "Well if this is all you do all day then of course it will be exhausting. The rest of us just get on with some of the essential day to day tasks that needto be done. And I say this as a very busy black woman." The second most popular says "...your arguments were poor and they were quickly dismantled. You were made to look a bit silly on TV. Which is why you've written an article saying you're tired of arguing with white people."

Whereas when the Guardian prints the occasional sensible article, such as Matthew d'Ancona's on the Peterson/Newman controversy, there's plenty of btl support.

In my view it's good to air foolish views so that people can dump on them, though it seems rather hard on the dumpees. It's not surprising they complain they're exhausted.

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