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December 05, 2017



What time of day were these photos taken? Not morning I hope.

Mick H

It's difficult to tell, but I think the bottom four at least are daytime shots.

Andrew Duffin

I don't remember this (I was only six months old!) but I do remember several epic fogs later in the fifties; walking to school was quite an adventure when you had to keep a hand on the fence or hedge at your side, to make sure you stayed on the pavement! A good knowledge of the suburban byways of Romford became pretty important.


Andrew's comment echoes stories told to me by my parents, which show that the photos don't capture the full reality.

My father would tell me that at the worst you couldn't see 5ft in front of you. He too mentioned walking with one hand on the wall to avoid falling into the road. As a result you would collide with people coming the other way. My mother told me that the smog dissolved tights.

Of course the Clean Air Act of 1956 was the catalyst for change.


Andrew is totally correct, I do remember this fog but the pictures do not reflect the severity that was seen by most of us.
I also went to school feeling my way along the fences etc and the buses that ran had a man with a flare walking in front of them.

roger in florida

We used to make a few bob by tying bright red lights on the back of our bicycles and guiding cars to their destinations around our town (Wembley). So it is an ill fog that brings nobody any good!

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