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November 11, 2017


Anastasia Ka

During the winter there are winds up to 80 km per hour, this is why it is impossible any emission concentrates during long periods of time.
Norilsk is in the artic and -55ºC is normal here. Maybe if we were 20ºC all year round the world will be flooded and that will be the end of the human race. It is true that in the city there is almost no vegetation, but it is also generated by extreme temperatures that are causing permafrost phenomenon. Nevertheless, near the city there are tundra trees that survive despite it all and flourish during the summer https://sciencing.com/tundra-trees-7423473.html
We live and love as any human being does in any city of the world and even in better social conditions with high salaries, almost no unemployment.
Please, take a look at https://www.norilskliveandlove.com

Mick H

OK. Thanks for the links, Anastasia.

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