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November 30, 2017


Martin Adamson

So how come that direction is completely the opposite of the direction that every other American President has taken for the past 30 years? After all, if the permanent State Department boys were the great geniuses they now claim themselves to be, why were they happy to do the opposite under Obama, Bush, Clinton etc?

Mick H

For what it's worth, Brian Hook was appointed in February this year, after previously serving in the Bush administration. So, a Republican place-man, rather than a "permanent State Department boy".


Stephen K

Since he was elected on the Republican ticket and he has to govern through the Republican Party, even though they dislike each other. Consequently in many respects - style aside - he is very much like any Generic Republican President.


He’s the wrong man for the job, and that’s pretty much any job, no two ways about it. We can only hope the two parties put up decent candidates next time around and we all get through the next four years without a major war.

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