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October 16, 2017



I was very familiar with the Leeds University extension.

This was built on the side of a hill, so that a student could enter the complex on North where they would be the ground floor and then walk a long corridor to find themselves in the high corridor you see in the photo without ascending levels. The corridor was longest in east-west albeit with a kink near the middle spoiling the perfect line of sight. This was supposed to be the result of a design or build error. The same corridor was reputably used in Clockwork Orange. If so I can't recognise it.

I think to the left in your photo stands the Lecture theatre block which is even more brutalistic. This was where the really big lecture rooms were. The floors were linked by a continuous (Paternoster) Lift, which has since been removed. I recall everyone tried to go over the top or round the bottom.

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