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October 13, 2017


Martin Adamson

Eh? What's fascism got to do with it? It's merely a perfectly normal Communist behaviour. Once again, leftist intellectuals twist themselves into knots trying to prove that leftists who implement orthodox leftist policies are not somehow not leftists at all.

Stephen K

"perfectly normal Communist behaviour"
True about the repression etc, but taking a charitable view of what Manthorpe is saying, this leadership style is highly personal. The point being that this means the end of the collective leadership pattern (as opposed to outright one-man dictatorship AKA 'the cult of personality') that has been the preferred option for the main Communist regimes i.e. Russia post-Stalin and China post-Mao. This might be significant, though it is exchanging one kind of horror for another.


The fact that China has a capitalist economy suggests that it is more a fascist country than a communist country.

Stephen K

"The fact that China has a capitalist economy"
... is a somewhat contentious fact. It's a mixed economy, with an enormous number of state-owned entities. The Wikipedia article on China's economy gives a useful introduction.
Trying to decide whether China should be called fascist or communist is probably besides the point. We can surely agree that it is a powerful dictatorship (I was going to say repressive, but the word repressive is redundant) with aggressive designs. That by itself implies what policy we should follow. The rest is just deciding the colour of the shirts.

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