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September 04, 2017


Gibson Block

This idea plays a significant role in the identification of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people but not a particularly strong one for the state itself. If only a small fragment of the people are present
in the land for over 1500 years that's not a continuous presence as some people claim. And if the Arabs are immigrants from the 7th century that's not the same as calling them recent immigrants. There are justifications for the creation of a state but they probably lie primarily in the role of a minority in the Christian and Muslim world.

John the Drunkard

Jumping from one time-frame to another should be seen as an obvious trick. Post Shoa immigrants really weren't all that rooted in the Levant.
But; the absolute cultural amnesia about Arab, Persian, and Turkish imperialism and colonialism makes 'Palestinian' anti-semitic absolutism a hideous joke.

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