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April 25, 2017



It's astonishing how he says "Jeremy Corbyn will be tagged as the friend of Hamas, Hezbollah and tax hikes...." as if it were something other than an accurate description of the man. It would seem that Chakrabortty doesn't have a very firm grip on reality.


As usual the comments are entertaining.

"If we can leave the EU on not-too-punitive terms, and remove the Conservatives from power, we will have a once in a lifetime chance to rebuild Britain from the ground up."

Some people live in a fantasy world.


Was it Nixon's fault that the Democrats nominated McGovern, a man who was much too far to the Left for the American electorate of 1972? Nixon was never personally popular, and could have been defeated by a more centrist Democrat.

Actually, Nixon was the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. Yes, he defeated McGovern by a landslide, but the Democrats stayed in control of Congress. Shortly thereafter, the Watergate scandal blew up, the Democrats obliterated the Republicans in the Congressional elections of 1974, Nixon was forced to resign, and the Democrats won the presidency in 1976 - giving them complete control of the political branches of the federal government. If Nixon promoted one-party rule, it was one-party rule by the Democrats, albeit short-lived.

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