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April 11, 2017



Another sentence I don't need to finish: "Dr Anderson is just one among a number of Australian academics who have formed a pro-Assad outfit ..."

Kerrie O'Keefe

The perspective of Hezbollah will be interesting to say the least. Why is the USA persuing this build up at this time? Israel has been left out of this discussion for too long. I look forward to reading the literature that comes out of this department and the conference. Expect to see a barrage of media attacks against Anderson, Sydney Uni, Hezbollah. Remember Hezbollah defeated Israel in southern Lebanon in the 1980s. They held the IDF off for 30 days and bloodied their nose in the 2000s. Israel are afraid of Hezbollah and are pushing the US to cut them down to size.


I think there must be an international rule that once the death count has passed a certain threshold every murderous despot is entitled to his own team of Western academic apologists. IIRC the Khmer Rouge had "Concerned Asian Scholars".


"Hezbollah defeated Israel in southern Lebanon in the 1980s."

No they didn't for if they had they would have been merciless in their destruction of that small country set amidst the useless of the world. Like America before it, strong moral civilised nations find it difficult to prosecute war whilst the treacherous at home denigrate their efforts or cheer for the enemy.

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