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March 29, 2017



Why, I wonder, was it necessary for the Japanese to involve the president of Mozambique--or, for that matter, the leader of almost any country save for a select few--in a joint statement about the NK nuclear program?

I guess I just don't understand international diplomacy very well.

Richard Powell

Gene - I can help here, having been a diplomat in both Japan and sub-Saharan Africa.

The Japanese would have got any President who happened to be in town to sign up to a statement about NK nuclear tests. It's pretty old-fashioned these days to issue communiques during visits but the Japanese tend to be formalistic and the Mozambique guy would have just gone with the flow. He probably had only the vaguest idea what he was signing - if he had any idea at all as the text would have been agreed at working level.

I wonder whether NK News has accurately reported the words of President Nyusi or (Nwussi as they prefer to style him). I suspect they've just reported what KJU would like to hear. There is a South Korean Embassy in Maputo, and the RoK vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs visited last month. He presumably made his country's position on possible reunification clear. I'd expect the RoK to launch a very strong protest (cutting off technical cooperation &c) if the Mozam President was seriously suggesting their country be handed over to Fatso in Pyongyang.


Thanks Richard, very helpful!

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