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January 30, 2017


John the Drunkard

Not sure I can be quite so optimistic. American party politics are so completely toxic that Trump can flout the law, the truth, and plain common-sense with near impunity.

His most outrageous attitudes are no more than what the 'mainstream' Republican party has been aping for decades. They will back Trump as blindly as they obstructed and harassed Obama. And the Democrats, after 6 solid years of Republican nihilism, are still playing at being 'reasonable' and 'finding common ground.'

They are giving approval to Trump appointees, when there is no more certain guarantee of incompetence or corruption than the nomination itself.

Paolo Pagliaro

It's always amusing to read a Democrat, after 8 years of Obama, his lies and unpunished misdeeds. Tell me again about Democrats being "reasonable" and "finding common ground", please, I love it.
By the way: how did Trump flout the law? I believed that allowing illegal immigrants inside America was against the law, but you stand on the side of the future, who am I to judge a superior being?
I also believed that obstructing political opponents by means of the IRS was against the law, but I understand that all the emails have been unluckily and magically lost: after all, they are liberals, so who can get angry at them? We have to reserve our fury for a president who enforce the law and promulgate temporary orders in a perfectly legitimate way, even if it's also perfectly legitimate to be of a contrary opinion.
I can see that the noble spirit of the left is not disturbed by explicit invitation to kill Trump and his supporters; if I remember correctly (I am not American) your party scolded Sarah Palin for her violence, because she used the symbol of a bull's eye in a political ad: then, try asking yourself how is it possible that Trump won the election.

Mick H

Got it off your chest now, Paolo? Maybe you should go and lie down for a while.

I could really do without this kind of mindless rant on my site, thanks.

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