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January 13, 2017


Paolo Pagliaro

Aaarrgh! Appalling!
A myth shattered...


The little child looks like he's about 40.

Lauri M

I had to dig around, driven by deep curiosity, to find out why the harem seemed to be full of men- and found what seems like a plausible answer on a blog called Anthroscape.http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/5946916/1/ "In many cases, across the Islamic world, since Muslim women were forbidden to pose for pictures, similar looking men with makeup were substituted. "
That makes sense to me. And there was a photo of his cherished first wife, the incomparable- which also makes more sense in light of the comment above.

Mick H

Thanks for the link. Yes, that one commenter suggests they were men in the photos, but I have to say I'm not at all convinced. The consensus was that he made the women wear make-up, as he liked his wives to look like that. I really don't know.


The child and its mother have very similar facial features, and the hand and legs of the reclining figure in the last photo look feminine to me. Unlike the faces, which are quite surprising 😮

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