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November 25, 2016



The things you can do with concrete, like those extraordinary squiggles on the Lithuanian water tower. I wonder if people will ever come to admire these buildings.

Mick H

Oh yes - there's already a strong brutalist-revisionism movement, arguing for the glories of concrete. Exemplified by this book, I suppose. Jonathan Meades has lent his (idiosyncratic) voice. Preston Bus Station has been given Grade 2 Listed Building status...

I sense that far more people now (me included) would admit how much they love the Barbican, for instance. Back in the day everyone hated those towers.


I've always loved the Barbican, and the South Bank, although I remember encountering some stiff opposition when saying so on these very pages a while back. These "Modern Forms" certainly are fascinating, but so far I find them a little less easy to love.

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