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July 20, 2016



When the victims of Islamist terrorist atrocities are leftist politicians, government officials, UN grandees, Guardian journalists, etc., then we may begin to see a shift in attitude among our "leaders."

As long as the victims are ordinary people enjoying fireworks or riding buses, the defeatists will tolerate almost anything.

Islamist terrorists are intelligent and know that maintaining their focus on the people in the street rather than going after the leadership is the smart move. Ironically, the intelligence that Guardian columnists won't credit the Islamists with is what's keeping them safe.

Martin Adamson

It's very simple. All over the western world Muslims vote overwhelmingly in a block for parties of the left and in many places - France especially - are the only growing voting block for decrepit, ageing parties. No leftist politician, establishment figure or intellectual is ever going to advocate any active or effective anti-terror policy that disturbs this relationship. They would rather offer up their fellow citizens - to whom, as good internationalists, they feel no especial obligation or responsibility - as human sacrifices than risk sacrificing their own power. Once we realise this, everything else becomes obvious.


God - that's a depressing comment from Martin - and it's the truth


I don’t know if this is true but it wouldn't surprise me having been to Nice several times in recent years.

In some quarters you could feel the tension as you walked the streets or used public transport.

“Over One Third of Nice Attack Victims Were Muslim”

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