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June 29, 2016


Martin Adamson

Well, the 1975 referendum - the first ever - was viewed as a legitimate part of British democracy, as were the various Scottish devolution referendums, the Irish Peace Agreement one etc etc etc so I'm not sure where people suddenly get the idea that they are an alien imposition. But experience tells us that it's only the first step that is difficult. Once you are on the primrose path to dictatorship you might as well keep right on to the end of the road.


Markets, Currency and economy will stabilise - this is a just a correction.

The more potentially important indicators will be a) just what basic negotiating terms will be laid out and b) just how many companies will look to move investment and jobs out of the UK.

If neither of these outliers look healthy - then the triggering of Article 50 will be a very big deal indeed to whoever is charge of doing so.


Referendums aren't a part of British democracy?

It's hard to imagine anything more in keeping with pure democracy--unmediated by party apparati, elections for representatives, etc., than a referendum.

You're telling an awful lot of people to go stuff it, and that what they think is absolutely irrelevant and shall not henceforth be considered in the governing of their own country. That strategy will work out fabulously, I'm sure. Don't worry, more than half of your nation's voters will certainly have forgotten what you've done by next week.

Martin Adamson

And having just done a quick wiki search, I can tell you that the 17 million people who just voted for Out is about 3 million more votes than any political party have ever won in any British general election


Bit simplistic Gene - the argument is that, unlike a National Election where Parliament is voted on every 5 years (giving an electorate the chance to "keep the bastards honest")- a Referendum is a one time only option of where the consequences of being sold a false prospectus have the potential for enormous damage.

If, in the months before Article 50 is invoked, it is proved that the Leave campaign did indeed campaign on a false prospectus then absolutely the country should have a chance to annul or revisit the decision. Just as Farage insisted should be the case in the event of a narrow Remain win.

I'm not convinced any of the above will play out, BTW. But that is the consequence of Cameron's decision to leave Article 50 to his successor and seems to me quite sensible.


So if a politican lied, an election result can be cancelled. That's handy.


I agree with Martin - above - while listening to the autocratic and patrician to his fingertips Jonathan Powell (Moral Maze Radio 4) more or less state that there should be another referendum. He'll need to change the electorate - I am sure he has a cunning plan to do so.


Maybe the electorate will change themselves when they realize the extent to which they were lied to and that Johnson et al. do not know what they are doing.


'If Leave supporters could have foreseen the result of their votes,' writes John Cassidy, not even one week later. Apparently he's clairvoyant--too scrupulous to use his talent getting rich, but not above calling half the populace fools. That should be easy, of course, since New Yorkers ordinarily regard 80 or 90 percent of their fellow Americans as fools.

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