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May 22, 2016



A good piece, but it would benefit from a historical perspective. Those who visited Venezuela and came back with heart-warming stories about the 'Revolution' are very similar to those who visited China during the Cultural Revolution and came back with similar stories or those who visited the Soviet Union in the 30s and did the same. It's an iron law of politics confirmed by generation after generation that the more you dislike Western liberal democracy, the more likely you are to end up supporting political regimes and forces that are much worse.


Name and shame i will start,the BBC.


Agree with Bob-B.

Cohen name checks Chomsky and yet his denial of the Killing Fields of Cambodia is not mentioned. Many celebrity Chavistas are serial excusers for totalitarianism.

Runcie Balspune

The big red flag was rewriting the constitution to remove the term limit. If anyone thinks this was a move toward a democratic and liberal government they need their head examined, history tells you this is the first stage of tyranny, removing obstacles to keep you in power.

sackcloth and ashes

I read this piece yesterday.

I get the impression that Nick Cohen burnt a lot of bridges by writing it. But it was spot on.

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