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May 17, 2016



I well remember the Maoist student "revolutionaries" when I was at university. One of them became a well-known economics journalist for a broadsheet newspaper.

Very sobering to reflect on the fact that there has ben no regime change or major repudiation in China. Meet the new boss...


I remember being given a,copy of the Little Red Book when I was a child. It was considered an exciting and fashionable thing. And that was by people who weren't radicals, just mainstream Labour supporters. With an intellectual interest.

The famous critique of capitalism has a lot to answer for. And the death-toll on the road to Utopia will never be properly acknowledged or mourned.


I believe Corbyn's hero Tony Benn said in defence of Mao that at least he prevented China from being occupied by the Americans. Obviously Japan with US troops present was a much worse place than China with no US troops. Or something.


"That, and the fact that so many Western leftists were foolish enough to be seduced by it."

And still are. Not in large numbers, and it is probably just a youthful need to appear radical, but you will find students calling themselves Maoists.


Back in the 1980s a guy I bought weed from (warning: Capitalist activity!) claimed to be a Maoist. Seemed to be a smart guy but didn't get the irony.

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