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May 31, 2016



Do keep showing it. It needs to be more visible.


If they still read the Protocols, I doubt there is any hope of getting rid of that George Washington nonsense.

Mick H

Is that where it comes from? - the George Washington quote? I thought it might be, but wasn't sure. [If you Google anything to do with the Protocols, you get overwhelmed with such a ton of garbage that giving up and retreating is the only option.]


I'm like you, I won't research it too much. But wherever the Protocols are taken seriously, this Washington quote gets a sort of appendix status. Sometimes the name is changed to Ben Franklin, sometimes even Abraham Lincoln. For the record, Washington mentioned Jews only twice, as far as I know, most famously to a congregation in RI, with the famous "To bigotry, no sanction" statement. That's it.

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