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May 17, 2016



Shami Chakrabarti should look into this to see if could just possibly be antisemitic. Of course she should also look to see it it could be Islamophobic.


It would probably be Islamophobic to suggest it is antisemitic. Or something.

There was a truly appalling article in Haaretz a couple of days ago, equating Israel with Nazi Germany. I haven't got the link with me, I'll try and post it later. It was via Adam Holland on twitter. A really revolting piece of writing.

Mick,I completely agree with the whole of the last paragraph of the above post. There are all sorts of factors feeding into this, I think. Sadly, none of them is going to get better. Only worse.


Why is mocking the holocaust an appropriate response to the hebdo cartoons? I guess anti-semitism has its own logic.

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