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May 31, 2016



I don't like that argument - that middle class academics support Labour's shift to insanity because by doing so they can guarantee that only the Tories will gain power. It doesn't ring true.

I think the real reason is the pursuit of power by Philosopher Kings. That's the zeitgeist of our day - The EU bureaucracy with it's Potemkin parliament. Endless nanny state laws. Fake charities. Constant nagging fear of white backlash. That's where Labour's heart lies nowadays. That's why it's voters are staying at home or voting UKIP.

Mick H

Yes - I think Cohen's argument is tongue-in-cheek here about the middle class academics. These leftists always assume that their opponents are really driven by selfish economic reasons - so let's turn the tables here.


As a middle class academic, I think it's mainly a matter of virtue-signalling. For a large proportion of academics, being Left wing is being virtuous, and for many being further to the Left is being more virtuous. But it's amusing to see a 'materialist' analysis of the phenomenon.

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