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April 10, 2016



"When the Left wakes up..."

When is that likely to happen?
I can't see it happening. Perhaps it won't happen.
And, apart from anything else, how could it happen when the electoral future of the Labour party will rely more and more on the Muslim vote.

I think people like Trevor Phillips are too late. Trying to implement the changes he is talking about is probably impossible now. It would create hostility - understandably - and the Left would not back those changes.


"What I'd like to see is more robust criticism of Islam itself."


I have read the Quran, and find it difficult to understand how any modern, intelligent person can be a Muslim.

It seemed to me about a fifth of the Quran, if not more, is devoted to the threat that anyone who doesn't believe in God, that Muhammad was his messenger, resurrection and the day of judgement, will burn in hell for eternity. And, if they ask for water they will be given molten lead to drink.

You can be as saintly as Mother Teresa but it won't do you any good. What kind of God is that!

And, we have all the questions concerning the true origins of Islam. E.g. Holland, Hoyland, Donner, Spencer, Luxenberg, Luling, Spencer, Puin, Crone, Wansbrough, Nevo, Rippin, Warraq, etc., etc., etc. Some of this material should be compulsory school reading!

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