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January 28, 2016


Runcie Balspune

Erasing the fact that the western world only decided to care a few decades after the fact, when it wasnt as fresh, and theyd had the time to really work out the details of how they were going to frame it and make it look like the US were the heroes liberating the camps after the US government knew what was being planned by Hitler, knew waht happening while it was happening, and did nothing.

This sounds a bit like thruther-on-thruther conflict here.


I suppose they're being consistent in dismissing the Holocaust as "white-on-white" crime. After all, they don't care much about "tan-on-tan" crime ongoing in the Islamic world. I say "tan-on-tan" because it seems to have been decided that Middle Easterners are not "white" unless they are Jewish - although Ayatollah Khamanei looks rather pale-faced to me).

It's faintly sickening that the basically good kid who wrote the FB post thinks it even matters whether Jews count as "white" or not, or whether the Nazis considered Jews to be "white."


James Kirchik, in Tablet magazine:



There is a trend in the clown quarters of American academia to reduce the holocaust to a common sort of crime. I think of it as a new kind of holocaust denial -- sort of like a non-denial denial.

sackcloth and ashes

There are times when I think that we need a new 43 Group.

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