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January 11, 2016



I wonder whether people like Paul Mason will ever realize how full of hatred they are themselves. And how much papers like the Guardian have trafficked in hatred. And, no doubt, will continue to.
A Jewish man was attacked today in Marseilles. By a young man with a machete. Luckily, he managed to fend him off. Meanwhile, the Guardian - and several other news outlets - are reporting unverified conspiracy theories about a fire in Jerusalem.
Race-hatred is now endemic on the Left, as long as it's anti-Semitism.


RY: "I wonder whether people like Paul Mason will ever realize how full of hatred they are themselves. And how much papers like the Guardian have trafficked in hatred."

Very good point. Jews, of course, are fair game at the Guardian. Guardianistas also love to find racists and express outrage and bile towards them. Even when they don't yet exist. The main theme that has angered commentators below the line on CIF is the fact that Guardian reporting on Cologne and similar is always dominated by the view that we mustn't allow events to provoke the vile racists who are lurking in the shadows. This imperative trumps concern for the victims, and all other considerations.

Anger against this blinkered obsession has been so great that I'm actually wondering whether it will provoke a change in editorial policy. Since Viner too over from Rusbridger, there have actually been some articles critical of Islam. Can we expect further changes before this willfully blind bunch of hypocrites finally wreck the Guardian?


@ Whyaxye

I would like to believe that something - anything - could provoke a change in editorial policy at the Guardian. It might well be true that more recently they have printed the odd article which is critical of Islam, but I think it's less to do with real change and more for show. Unfortunately.
I think the Guardian is so hard-wired ideologically on certain issues that it is incapable of any change.
Their beliefs about racism are that it only exists in White people. And, of course, Israelis who are supposedly all white, or something. That's the Marxist interpretation of racism. "Dominant" groups are "racist" but no one else can be. As you say, they sniff out "racism" in everything. It's their default position. I think their obsession with identity politics and their New Left/ Marxian view of the world, means they cannot see the world in a complex and sophisticated way. For them America will remain the most evil nation on Earth, simply because it's the most powerful and rich Western country. Israel is compared to Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa, because they *want* to see it that way. And the root causes of everything wrong in the world must be "The West." Or capitalism. Which really mean the same thing.

I think not only that they won't change, but that changing would mean that their entire worldview would have to collapse. And there's no chance of that. In fact, the more evidence, from anywhere, that challenges their worldview is likely to make them cling on to it even harder. Desperately, even.

The assumed moral superiority of the Left, both the progressives and the far-left, is proving to be not only staggering in its hypocrisy, but frightening in its outcomes.
I apologize for incoherently waffling on for so long. Much of it obvious anyway.
I do wonder where all this is going.

sackcloth and ashes

Paul Mason is a prick.


Seconded. And much more to the point than my comment.



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