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January 27, 2016


Brian Micklethwait

What strikes me about that verbiage is not that it is pretentious. I don't think it is. What strikes me about it is that it makes sense, and is almost the opposite of the kind of nonsensical and literally meaningless gibberish attached to their stuff by official indoorsy-type artists. I see a big contrast between this and regular ArtSpeak.

I realise you are being sarcastic in your comment about the "right sort of people". I actually think that "Donk" sounds like an okay sort of person. Educated, yes. Idiotic and a total waste of space, no.

It's a bit hard to tell from your photo, but it looks quite decently painted.

Brian Micklethwait

Ah, I followed the link you supplied only after doing the above comment. And there you will find photos (the one above being one of them) which show rather more clearly that this is quite well painted. As you say, photographically.

Brian Micklethwait

"the one above being one of them"? Actually, no, it looks like the above snap is yours. Sorry for confusing things.

Mick H

Well yes you're right - I was being a bit unfair on the man. By comparison to the usual artspeak this is lucid.

And yes, this photo is mine.

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