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December 28, 2015



You can find allegations that Israel, and even the US, are surreptitiously somehow backing ISIS, and Sunni jihadism more generally, on certain far-right websites here in the US. The Saudis are supposed to be in on this conspiracy, too (at least there's a good deal of justification for that). I think the guys who say this (generally, Trump supporters) are on the take from Russia; they adulate Putin, and claim that some neocon cabal within the Obama administration is seeking "war" with Russia over Syria, Iran and Ukraine. They also seem to think that the Kiev government is simultaneously Nazi and somehow connected with Israel.

Of course, you can find stuff just as nutty on the Left in America. Unfortunately, the nutty Leftists are not as far removed from the Democratic establishment as the nutty Rightists are from the Republican establishment.


Ironically, it's the Israeli-Saudi alliance behind the QSD that's defeating ISIS.

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