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December 30, 2015



Thanks for that link. Paul Berman is always well worth reading. I don't find it that surprising that he chose Cameron's speech, I thought it was a really good speech. An important one. One doesn't necessarily have to agree with David Cameron on many other issues to give him credit for that. Maajid Nawaz's contribution was also significant and very helpful in shaping it. And, as you said, he got hammered for it. Sadly.
I'm afraid that if Paul Berman is waiting for a similar speech from Bernie Sanders, he is going to be sorely disappointed. I can't see that happening.
I agree with what he says about the Socialist party in France being more willing to confront the issues than the English speaking political class. However, it is depressing - and counterproductive - for them to continue with such an anti-Zionist political agenda. I don't think that has escaped Manuel Valls, but his party is clearly making things worse by the policies and rhetoric they pursue.
Hilary Benn's speech was welcome - and brave - but it is sad that the Labour party has, over many years now, become so different from the party it once was that his speech stood out so much. It should be the natural province of the Labour movement to speak out against fascism. Not an aberration.
If Corbyn gets rid of people like Benn, the party will not be able to return from that; not that I think they can return anyway. It will be an interesting year ahead. To say the least.


Off topic:
Mick, a very happy New Year to you and yours.
Thanks for running great blog. It's much appreciated.

Mick H

Thanks very much - and a happy new year to you.


Echoing RY's sentiments...

A very happy New Year, Mick, and many, many thanks for this blog. What I read here, every day that you post, can make me angry, sad, enlightened and/or amused - just the right mix - but never indifferent. It's always at the top of my lurking list.

Mick H

Thanks, Beryl.


Keep up the good work.

sackcloth and ashes

What Bob-B said. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


Yes thanks Mick anf happy new year

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