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November 30, 2015


Martin Adamson

Western intellectuals talk about incessantly diversity, but somehow never conceive that diversity means having very different points of views. They could not imagine that the Iraqi Sunni minority saw themselves as a master race destined to rule over the Shia majority and hate us for overthrowing them. They can't imagine that East African muslims hate the West because it destroyed the slave trade, their main source of income and prestige. They can't understand that French urban youth hate the French educational system because it is run by women, and so is worthless in their eyes.


Your comment about "moral agents" highlights the most ironic and insidious aspect of this. Cracknell's remarks demonstrate casual, offhand condescension, and deny agency, to billions of people who OF COURSE have no responsibility for the attitudes they develop and the actions they take. Until Cracknell and her type recognize how insulting their attitude really is, such "thinking" will always be with us.

sackcloth and ashes

'The consequences of the West’s intervention in the Middle East and the story of that playing out around us feels so present, and the imagery we contend with is vivid and complex, unnerving and riddled with guilt'.


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