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November 27, 2015



'...the phrase “trigger warning” itself needs a warning attached to it because it might remind people of guns...' XD
Thanks for this - it's good to laugh on a Friday afternoon. (I'd weep otherwise...)


A grown up is needed to say: Stop it. But none of those in position have the guts to do so. Preferably the parents of those involved.

However, this too shall pass. The STEM students will continue to thrive as they must do in the face of competition from Chinese and Korean etc students. Those who choose to study what used to be vocational subjects like law will, on graduation, realise that the status of a law degree is no longer the key to the door.


American students are precious little tulips. This is from the Daily Californian:

"Furthermore, the classroom environment felt so hostile to women, people of color, queer folks and other marginalized subjects that it was difficult for us to focus on the course material. Sometimes, we were so uncomfortable that we had to leave the classroom in the middle of lecture. "

I don't think STEM students present a solution. STEM subjects are being corrupted just like the humanities.


"So, today, give thanks that 2015 has raised an important question about American higher education: What, exactly, is it higher than?"

While it was higher than it's Chinese counterpart, it could afford a small amount of this type of nonsense. I suspect it can't any more, though.

Barry Sheidan

Insanity writ large.


"The Yale problem refers to an unfortunate feedback loop: Once you allow victimhood culture to spread on your campus, you can expect ever more anger from students representing victim groups, coupled with demands for a deeper institutional commitment to victimhood culture, which leads inexorably to more anger, more demands, and more commitment. But the Yale problem didn’t start at Yale. It started in high school. As long as many of our elite prep schools are turning out students who have only known eggshells and anger, whose social cognition is limited to a single dimension of victims and victimizers, and who demand safe spaces and trigger warnings, it’s hard to imagine how any university can open students’ minds and prepare them to converse respectfully with people who don’t share their values. Especially when there are no adults around who don’t share their values."



If these people don't like gender specific pronouns such as 'he' and 'she', they could switch to a language which doesn't distinguish gender in third person pronouns. There are plenty of them. One is Turkish, which has 'o' for both 'he' and 'she'. No doubt Turkey has no problems about gender as a result of this fact.

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