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November 01, 2015



I love this bit:

"Cruzvillegas explores ideas of unpredictability and hope, inviting visitors to see the sculpture changing from one week to the next."

As if having been along once on a dreary autumn afternoon and been disappointed, you're going to go back again every week to check if it has changed...

Runcie Balspune

Triangles? What? One of the most simplistic geometric shapes?

"The triangular shape evokes a giant compass, pointing east and west, but also recalls the strong diagonals used by Russian avant-garde artists such as El Lissitsky and the work of the visionary architect Buckminster Fuller whose geodesic dome designs comprised intersecting triangular elements."

Who'da thought - triangles, I mean, who uses those? Where have you ever seen them being used? My, what innovation!

But what about the round tubular scaffolding, incorporating the circle shape?

"The circular shape evokes a giant tree, pointing upwards and downwards, but also recalls the strong curves used by renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and the work of the visionary architect Bramante whose curved dome ceilings designs comprised of f*cking great big circles."

Yeah, it works as well.

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