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September 27, 2015


sackcloth and ashes

'What’s happening to us? Are we already ruled by black clad puppets of intolerance? This art is brave and witty. It deserves to be seen. To let fear of bigots and maniacs rule our art galleries is a betrayal of the civilisation we claim to uphold'.

It's come to a point when I am actually amazed to see something like this in a 'Guardian' article.

Mind you, I suspect more than a few of Jones' colleagues would be recommending him for 're-education'.


Mick, I'd say Jones' comment about whom the satire is directed toward is quite perceptive. Whether the artist intended to satirize jihadis or Westerners, the "truth" that most needs to be taken away from this artwork is the cowardly and/or apathetic response to atrocity by Westerners.

Mick H

Well yes, I suppose, when you put it like that....

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