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August 13, 2015


Martin Adamson

What would be powerfully amusing and ironic if it were not so tragic is that Labour is being destroyed by the very politics they themselves invented. For decades they have been using mass third world immigration to convert marginals into safe seats. The extreme left are now using identical tactics to subvert Labour itself.


If he becomes Labour leader and wants to appear remotely credible, he will have to keep quiet about some of his loonier views and try to attract some more moderate characters into his shadow cabinet, but if he does this, half of his supporters will denounce him for selling out. It should be an amusing spectacle.

Richard Powell

I suspect that part of Jeremy Corbyn's appeal is that he's unlikely actually to become PM. He won't have to sully himself, and by extension his followers, by having to weigh up different interests and options and then making an inevitably flawed decision. He and his followers can thus maintain the purity of their world view. This was of course part of the appeal of the Lib Dems before 2010. Corbyn is unlikely to be rumbled in that way.

sackcloth and ashes

'He could never have survived if his constituency - my constituency, Islington North - wasn't solid Labour'.

Mick, if I've got this wrong you're welcome to contradict me, but the impression I get with Islington North is that it's not just 'solid Labour'. It's solid Guardianista.

Would Corbyn get elected in Barnsley, or Blaenau Gwent? I'm not sure he would. The IRA hugger in him would probably not go down well with a CLP of blue-collar Labourites, and there'd be I suspect a sense that the Hezbollah-love might not go down too well either. Given the odds, they'd probably grit their teeth and take the Red Prince or Princess parachuted in.

But at the end of the day this is about protest politics, not the hard choice of real decisions. Owen Jones probably believes all that bollocks about Corbyn becoming the people's candidate (in much the same way that he assured us that Russell Brand's endorsement of Ed would be a game-changer). But for everyone else, it's all about virtue signalling and gesture politics. Never mind if Labour is unelectable until possibly 2030. We can cast our votes and feel jolly good about ourselves.

Mick H

No, not solid Guardianista. Certainly not compared to Islington South, which includes Barnsbury - where all the wealthy young socialists and media types are supposed to live....or at least those that don't live in Hampstead. There's certainly a fair smattering of Guardian readers and young liberals and students here, but there's still a solid core of council estate tenants and solid Labour voters left over from the days when the area was heavily working-class and Irish. Though now there's quite an ethnic mix, of course.

In general Islington North contains a fair proportion of deprived areas, and has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the country - see here - http://www.islington.gov.uk/publicrecords/library/Democracy/Information/Factsheets/2011-2012/(2012-03-03)-What_is_the_picture.pdf

I wouldn't argue with your last paragraph, though.


What worries me about Corbyn is that the Guardian brigade - which is fairly limited - will vote for him because of his whole package of views including the virulent anti-Western ones, but that other Labour voters might vote on his economic policies and be uninterested in and indifferent to the other stuff. Or maybe it's worse than that and the 'non-guardianistas' also endorse his desperately unpleasant and dangerous views. That would be really frightening.


I see the Guardian is endorsing Cooper. That must be upsetting for a good many Guardianistas.


I'm left feeling almost physically sick at the amount of virtue signalling Social Justice warriors on £40K plus I know championing this gutless fraud as the true face of Labour.

sackcloth and ashes

Mick H, many thanks for that.

'I see the Guardian is endorsing Cooper. That must be upsetting for a good many Guardianistas'.

Judging by the comments a number of readers are going absolutely spare.

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