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March 28, 2015



Your remarks are spot-on, but I'll take issue with Rahim in another respect: Why does he make the casual assumption that everyone is suddenly going to begin demonizing depressives because of what Lubitz did?

How many people DON'T have relatives, friends or acquaintances who have suffered from depression? Isn't the general understanding of depression these days pretty darn good among laypersons? For someone who has committed his life to helping people, he sure doesn't have a very high opinion of them.


I spent most of my working life in psychiatry starting in 1968. I wouldn't care to count the number of times I heard people with personality disorders (including psychopaths) say "I was depressed. For example - "I couldn't help giving the wife a little tap [that is, I broke her jaw]. I was depressed, see." Depressed means anything and everything now, including what Freud called "ordinary human unhappiness" - that is, being alive. Real depression is psychotic, and common depressive delusions concern poverty, somatic delusions. Never has being "depressed" been more acceptable - nay, fashionable. It's part of the pathologisation of everday life.


Millions of people have depression.

Thousands commit suicide.

One is a mass murderer.

There is more to this story.

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