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March 28, 2015


Barry Sheridan

It is difficult for me to avoid concluding that Mr Obama thought he could wring changes by appeasing. A common enough attitude amongst Europeans and now it would seem, Americans.


An NBC reporter named Richard Engel reported the other day that the Saudis and their allies didn't tell the US in advance about their attack on the Houthis in Yemen. The reason? The Saudis didn't trust the US not to leak news of the impending attack to the Iranians.

I'm more hawkish than a great many other Americans, but I can certainly understand why so many people are determined to avoid having the US fighting wars in the Middle East. And I can understand their desire for a changing role for the US in that area (though I fear that what they WANT, and what they'll actually GET, from policies of disengagement are very, very different things).

But ... do even the most dovish Americans want their own country's promises to allies made worthless? Do they want their country's word to be so distrusted by friends (or enemies, for that matter)?


Even Iranians are starting to wonder about Obama's role in the negotiations:


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