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November 26, 2014



Brought up outside religion, I was at Junior school when I first heard about martyrs, & was confused & shocked by the idea. It didn't make sense to me to prefer to be tortured and killed rather than just *saying* you didn't believe something. If you were alive, you could go on believing whatever you liked. Why were these saints so admirable for being so stupidly stubborn?
The islamic meaning of martyr of course is even more inclusive & morally twisted. The idea that a cowardly mass murderer who happens to believe he will be eternally carnally rewarded for his crime, is someone to revere is profoundly perverted & quite evil.


...though very useful, if you are in the driving seat of a ruthless, supremacist, totalitarian ideology.


I've had 72 virgins. It was okay. But I wouldn't kill myself to do it again.

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