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November 29, 2014



As long as they eat em - but do they?


That would make a lot of burgers.

Mick H

According to the Wikipedia entry, "After the festival, the meat, bones and hides of the animals are sold to companies in India."

In the Mail piece (the second link) there's a plea from Joanna Lumley to end the slaughter. So it must be wrong.


This festival confuses me. I thought Hindus treated cows as sacred (I know they are buffalo but there doesn't seem to be much difference between these ones and cows).

Mick H

It's just a Nepal thing. Indian Hindus are appalled, apparently.


I dunno, there seems to be lots of attendees from the northern Indian states too. Anyway, it was probably simplistic of me to attribute a single attitude (bovines = holy) to a billion people.

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