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October 06, 2014



I wonder if I could interest Ms Wolf in my theory that the three planes on 9/11 were flown by Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, and Lord Lucan. It would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

sackcloth and ashes

On Adam Brereton's CIF post:

A sceptic is someone who says 'I will not believe you until you show me the evidence'.

A conspiracy theorist is someone who says 'I will not believe you even if you show me the evidence'.

There is a clear dividing line between the two, not that a Guardianista idiot will recognise it.


Some people like to tell themselves that they are brighter than the masses because they can see things that the masses can't. Such people tend to end up seeing things which aren't there.


Wolf represents a type of leftism that longer stands for anything beyond a reflexive loathing of the West. Their one fixed axiom is that Western governments, Western culture and Western society are the root of all evil. Everything else is negotiable as long as that fundamental article of faith is upheld. So it is impossible for Naomi Wolf to acknowledge the true brutality of the Taliban because that would imply that they were morally inferior to their Western enemies. It would mean considering the possibility that the United States was not the villain in this case. The only way to avoid such heretical thoughts is to wilfully ignore the evidence, so all this nonsense about "cosmetics and hair colour" is just an evasion. But the more stark the realities become the more elaborate the evasions have to be, so they gradually turn into bizarre conspiracy theories. Wolf is retreating into a fantasy world in order to avoid facing reality.

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