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September 25, 2014



I'm not a big fan of the Catholic Church, but it is worth noting that the Pope has asked for forgiveness for child abuse by clergy:


He didn't say that the clergy just happened to be Catholic.

sackcloth and ashes

When the Gaza war happened two months back, the Guardianistas were all demanding that British Jews should condemn and disassociate themselves from Israeli 'war crimes'.


On one level I have no problem with her sentiment in the sense that I don't feel she should "have to" apologize for anything she's not responsible for, nor should she be pressured to join a Twitter campaign, etc. If she doesn't care to participate, so be it.

OTOH, the "boilerplate" and tendentious historical revisions, followed by the utterly delusional "flipping the debate" paragraph also remind me I don't need to take this person seriously.

Mick H

Yes, i have some sympathy with her dislike of the #NotInMyName campaign; but it's such a silly piece.


There is fundamental problem with what Islam is.
Type A Muslim says that Type B Muslim does not practise real Islam. Type B Muslim says that Type A Muslim does not practise real Islam.
So who do you believe? What should I believe either in preference to the other?
I can't understand why Muslims can't see this basic conundrum.

In the absence of any satisfactory answer to this problem, I simply regard what Muslims do as manifestations of Islam.


There is a growing campaign to get newspapers to stop using the name "Islamic State". They want "Unislamic State" instead. So, problem solved. The only people who need to disassociate from ISIS are the unmuslims.

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