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August 04, 2014



A good post. It unusual for BBC commentators to mention the HAMAS Charter and all other manifestations of anti-semitism seem to get zero attention.

As for the guy who yearns for death and Martyrdom, I wonder what he's doing in Kuwait. Not much chance of being martyred there. I guess it is other people who are supposed to be martyred and not him


That was a good post, MH. I also think you've somewhat answered your own question with that Butler quote. What an idiot. As if she would last ten minutes under a Hamas regime.

Recruiting Animal

I always have a problem with context when it comes to extreme preaching.

For instance, MEMRI regularly shows us examples of extreme preaching but it doesn't tell us if the preachers are on the fringe or if they are mainstream.

My guess is mainstream because we'll see someone like Qaradawi saying similar things.

But you can always find people in any group saying dumb things: for instance, Ovadia Yosef.

The thing is, in a small population there aren't too many of them but in a large population even the freaks are many.

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