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June 21, 2014



I'm very impressed with GM's travels. Much of Siberia looks like a concrete-strewn wasteland and somehow I think he's done it so we won't have to. I also liked the oddity of a zebra thrown in there (No. 54):


Mick H

Yes, exactly. I'm never going to Norilsk or any of the other delightful Siberian cities he's visited, but thanks to him I can get a pretty good idea of what they're really like.


Not all Siberian cities are as ghastly as Norilsk. Believe it or not, some are quite delightful in parts and there is too much of Siberia for even the Soviets to have wrecked. GM clearly has no interest in picture postcard views, nor does he seem to have had any nice weather but he is a sharp observer. Love his photos.

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