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June 04, 2014


Richard Powell

There's an entire room given over to another Martin Creed work of equal imaginative power, the one where the lights go on and off the whole time. I can't be bothered to check its opus number. It really is scandalous that space should be wasted on such tripe, when important artists are completely unrepresented in the displays. In the earlier days the crap was siphoned off to Tate Modern, but now it seems to be worming its way back.

Mick H

I somehow never made it to Martin Creed's big show at the Hayward Gallery this year, but the critics on the BBC's Review Show were very positive. Paul Morley was particularly enthusiastic, suggesting that "artist" was no longer a proper description for such a genius. Too constraining. We need, he said, a new word for people like Creed. No one, sadly, was impolite enough to respond with the obvious suggestion.

Richard Powell

To be fair to the Tate, they've removed Work No 227 and the room is now given over to Alan Davie, who died recently. So at least it's being used to display modern British paintings. The Ken Clark exhibition in the basement is excellent. The Phyllida Barlow is the biggest pile of dead wood I've seen since Bonfire Night in Lewes.

Mick H

True, there is some excellent stuff on show, as well as the dead wood. I particularly liked the retrospective on photographer Chris Killip.


"but the critics on the BBC's Review Show were very positive"

Yes and Front Row liked it too, getting very excited when they interviewed Creed. Everyone else, though, pretty much panned it. I think the BBC are uniquely bad at reviewing the arts.

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