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March 25, 2014



Sometimes I think evolution denial, which I have all around me here, is not as bad as "evolution second thoughts", the feeling that it happens, but it shouldn't. Why would anyone think the extinction of "mammoths and mastodons, giant ground sloths, lions and sabretooths, eight-foot beavers, a bird with a 26-foot wingspan" is a bad thing?

Mick H

Well it is a sort of a shame, from an armchair point of view. It'd be fabulous if sabre-tooth tigers were still around for instance. What magnificent beasts! Just as long as they're not anywhere near me.


I think it is sad that we've shipped a European fungus to North America which is killing a lot of bats. And a African fungus to South America that is killing a lot of amphibians. And so on - we're wiping out a lot of stuff right now, and this trend will continue until it's a planet of cows, pigs, chickens and people (with our zoos). But you know, I quite like my fridge and my TV and the fact that I might live till I'm 75 and I think most people agree.


Brian, nature was "invading itself" long before humans arrived. Not only "shipping" species to and fro, but actually shipping continents about.


I can't get that 8-foot beaver out of my head. I wonder if they had buck teeth? I'm sure its extinction just made room for the cutesy ones that build little dams and star in Disney cartoons.

Mick H

"Nice beaver!"

The gag wouldn't have worked so well with a stuffed eight-footer somehow.

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