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February 10, 2014



My first thought was, why not place a (not allowed without penalty of death) pic of MO doing the touching. I mean if you're really going to make fun of religious belief why not make fun of the ones who should be made fun of, being as they are the largest. Well we know the answer to that question.

Secondly, is this really a step back. First time in my recent memory that anyone has defended Christiananty, no matter what spurious reason.

Ah hell, I can't type on this tablet.

Mixed feeling here about it all.

Mick H

The hope was that Christians were maybe by now mature enough to be able to endure being made fun of. Not that I think defending Christianity loomed large in the minds of those doing the banning here.


I just think that if this puerility is the mark of modern student atheism (Flying Spaghetti Monsters? Really?) I'd have expected serious atheists to want it taken down as making atheism seem silly and juvenile.

I'm not offended. I just think, like many student stunts, it makes them look silly.

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