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January 13, 2014



I thought you were taking the piss and it was just the Tate staff having a meeting.

Mick H

It may be a meeting....but is it art?

I thought it was amusing - symptomatic, even - that these people were busy having a meeting while behind them the vast space of the Turbine Hall sits empty, because the type of people who run art galleries now are the type of people who are happy at meetings but don't have a clue about using imagination to bring a huge dead space to life.


The pompous language, the play school art, all of a piece.

Any idea what that large structure off to the left is? It rather shreds the space, to my mind at least.

Mick H

I think it's one of those areas you can get to from a higher floor, to look over the vast empty space.

David Davis

What a load of pretentious, self-regarding twaddle, devoid of meaning.

All these "modern" artists are the same, always and everywhere.

It's rather sad and a waste really.

Elephants Gerald

Why don't they just put the turbines back in?


The sad state of Art. That is why after Unversity i just run away from it.

Doubting Rich

"... I hope to create the space for a radical questioning of the nature of the sacred in a secular age" yet hope in vain. What utter drivel, post-modern writing second only to semiotics in its pretentious avoidance of saying anything of any worth.

Richard Powell

Could Antony Gerbil be the new Nat Tate?

Mick H

You might think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

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