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January 29, 2014



That last sentence, in the last quote... poverty and pig shit... perfect. I never did like that Seeger guy.


What has killed American "folk" music for me is that in the Internet age we can hear the originals just as easily as we can the fake stuff. Once you have heard the Carter Family, Leadbelly, Thomas Dorsey, The Evening Stars etc there is just no need to listen to Seeger and his likes anymore.

John Meredith

This is all bang on, and such a relief. It seemed like a peculiar madness had seized people who once knew better suddenly acting like 'If I had a Hammer' was anything more than an irritating jingle (what a good advertising man Seeger would have been). Surely the fact that he tried to silence Dylan tells you everything you need to know about him as a judge of music and as a man.


The one I hate is "Little Boxes". It's just a restatement of the old elitist disdain for those who live in the suburbs.

Curious how no one wrote a song of contempt about the people who live in Back-to-backs work at the local mill "and all look the same". Or come to that write for the Guardian "and they all sound the same".

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