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November 19, 2013



Chomsky has similar problem with sport:


But I don't think he blames 'the Jews'.




"spend fruitless evenings trying to flog Socialist Worker round some bleak housing estate"

As someone who long ago repented let me correct you: we never tried to flog Socialist worker round some bleak housing estate.

1. Colleges were far and away the best place to sell.
2. Selling at a strike or demo was second best
3. In a shopping centre was the routine method.
4. Outside a workplace was a sign of dedication - I never sold a copy to a worker ever, which was particularly dispiriting after getting up early to get the day shift. Contrariwise I note that I often see sellers outside government offices these days. (I presume they work inside?)
5. Selling on the council estate would have been laughed out of court, in my day.

Incidentally the point was not just to sell, it was the exposure. The whole of the SWP newspaper was summed up by the headline on page one. The analysis inside was turgid, even members had limited appetites. Thus to stand in the town centre and not sell was tolerable because the headline was seen, and sympathisers and potential recruits identified.

Having said all that I suppose that times change and that in some areas they might try to go door to door. Is that what they do where you live?

Mick H

No, to be honest we never get SWP types selling round here, but I do recall a friend talking of his bleak experiences trying to sell on housing estates. This was back in the Seventies, mind.


Late 70s, early 80s here.

Fireman's strike was the only time I saw a "worker" buy a copy. Not that I know what buyer's in the precinct did for a living.

You were expected to sell a certain number of copies but no one ever made quota. We weren't a particularly strict branch though. Perhaps that made a difference.

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