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October 07, 2013



I'm sure it reads better in the original Arabic.


It's probably been mistranslated just like Ahmedinejad's remarks about Israel. It's probably really about daffodils or something.


I suspect the poem really IS about love, but the love of a willing cuckold who prefers to watch. Consider the line, "How many times have I read, in delight and relief, what he did to you on those tremendous days." Clearly a pornographic satisfaction -- delight, followed by relief. Thus "awaken, oh Jihad warrior" is an entreaty to the speaker's own weak male member, which he attempts to arouse by recollecting the potent rigor of his wife's multiple partners -- "ally stands by his criminal ally". There is, however, an underlying current of resentment, which appears most clearly in the reference to the "Nazi leader", who exercises his voracious sexual appetite on male and female alike -- hence, "barbecued you and the Jews through and through", which resolves the obscure references to "behinds" and "arses". Indeed, the speaker does not want his wife; but he struggles to acknowledge his homosexuality. Riveting stuff.

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