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September 22, 2013



The public reaction is incredible. There is NO DOUBT the Sun has got it right in its survey.

— 87% back The Sun's 4-point plan
— 61% want full-face veils banned

1) BAN veils in school, courts and hospitals
2) BAN them in airports, banks and secure areas
3) LET employer decide if ok in the workplace
4) BUT freedom to wear them in the street

It's the same even in the PC media, The Independent and the Guardian, let alone The Telegraph. The Independent at least has the courage to give summary votes for or against articles, and they show the same overwhelming majority against full-face veils as The Sun.

At the Guardian you have to wade through the comments themselves to see how readers are voting, but it's exactly the same picture.

You can see a collection of links to what the papers/media and their readers are saying here: http://thelibertyphile.blogspot.co.uk/

So what do you think our politicians are going to do? Fudge this as well.


"This goes smoothly, but on the other side a well-spoken Englishwoman storms up to me wagging her finger and says loudly: “You are absolutely ridiculous, honest to God, ridiculous.”"

At last an Englishwoman with some sense. More of this please and the niqab will dissappear.


The reporter's story summed up in her own words..." If she could see my face "

Kind of shot herself in the foot there.

Barry Sheridan

The wearing of garment runs counter to almost everything that western culture has sought to create, but then again (most)Moslems are against what we stand for. Given they evidently feel this way I would suggest they go and live somewhere else.


She should try dressing in a mini skirt and halter top and walk through a muslim community to see what kind of reaction she gets in order to compare. Want to guess what kind of response she'd get there?

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