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September 25, 2013



So what happens on day 19,885? Same old hags?


What is the meaning of "black eyed" in this case, I wonder?


I have a question.

What happens to the women who get divorced in this world?


If you have sex with one of your virgins, they are no longer a virgin by definition. Do you get a replacement?

Mick H

I think I read somewhere that they're self-renewing virgins - but I make no claims on expert knowledge in such abstruse theological concerns.


Historically Christianity regarded disability like disease as a consequence of 'the fall'. We lost perfection when we fell from grace. Consequently it followed that if people went to heaven they would be restored to perfection. No disease, no blindness, no leprosy, no down's sydrome etc. You would regain that leg you lost in an accident.

Not surprisingly that has changed in recent years and now disabled people don't consider themselves imperfect.

The reason I mention this is that, given the religious imperative of being pure, it seems highly likely that woman are not just virgins but probably incapable of losing their virginity. Thus our host may be spot on.


What, no blue-eyed blondes?

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