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July 28, 2013



Well said


Spot on.


Yes. And there is also his innate unshakable faith in human decency that hovers all of his posts, including those in which he criticizes positions and opinions. How I wish I had that talent to see goodness and speak judiciously!

And never forget his genuinely funny and endearing wit that manages to convey the irony without ever descending to sarcasm.


There's no one around like Norm. I'll readily forgive him his support of Manchester United (and the cricket, which I can neither play nor understand) for all the utterly brilliant deconstruction of cant that I have found on his site.

Recently, the Crooked Timber blog, also marking an anniversary, recounted how Norm was pushed out when another potential blogger balked, and all the commenters seemed to agree that it was a good decision. I had a mind to dissent but CT has become such a bien pensant echo chamber, my comment would likely have provoked a verbal lynching.

Long life to Norm and may we read him for many more years.


I've not looked at Norm in ages: I can't remember why. I do remember why I stopped looking at Crooked Timber - too much of it was written in excruciatingly bad English.

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