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June 24, 2013



America is huge; it has umpty-um canyons. It can well afford to devote a few to storing water. It's in tight wee countries like ours that the conflicts of interest are sharp.

One that always strikes me is when a protestor says "Don't clear our ancient woodland" and the Ministry says "Oh don't worry we'll just move it". I know that the Ministry is lying; often, I suspect, the protestor is lying too. I noticed this first when I lived in Queensland and people protested about logging of the Aussie equivalent of an ancient woodland: photographs proved that the woodland in question was post-WWII in vintage.


The place looks pretty cool with the dam too. One of my favourite places in the world is Lake Kariba. The flooding of the Zambezi there and down stream at Cahora Bassa must have been a natural and human calamity when it happened.

Andrew Duffin

Beautiful image; reminds me somewhat of the Hoh valley in Washington State, which fortunately has not been despoiled.

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